Streamlining Marketing URLs: A Tape-Powered Solution

Streamlining Marketing URLs: A Tape-Powered Solution

September 28, 2023

4 minutes read


If you utilise any form of web analytics (we prefer the excellent privacy-focused Plausible Analytics), chances are you’re familiar with UTM URLs. These URLs can be rather lengthy, prompting the need for shortening. (We rely on Rebrandly for creating neat, branded links.)

However, the length of UTM URLs isn’t their only challenge. Firstly, you must construct them consistently; and secondly, effective tracking is paramount.

The Birth of a Solution

Managing links and maintaining consistency was becoming a time-consuming task. Recognising this, we needed a solution and - as most of Melotte Consulting is powered by Tape - the obvious solution was to build a UTM tracker alongside our existing apps for lead source tracking and marketing campaigns that were already in Tape.

Seamless Integration with and Rebrandly

Tape effortlessly handles the construction of the full URL. Users create a new record, selecting the relevant medium, source, and campaign from related applications. An automation then formats this information into a URL, such as:

Once we’re satisfied with the URL, the next step is generating a shortened version. This is achieved through an ‘Action’ button, triggering a background workflow.

While we could have directly interacted with Rebrandly using Tape automation, we opted for a slightly different approach and leveraged our Make account, using it as the intermediary between Tape and Rebrandly. This could easily have been Zapier if preferred.

With the ‘Action’ button, Tape takes the name of the UTM link, encodes it along with the full link, and sends it to a waiting Make webhook. Make, using its Rebrandly connector, requests a short link. Once obtained, it’s sent back to Tape via an HTTP POST request to a Tape webhook, eagerly awaiting the short URL.

Here’s where Tape truly shines compared to Podio: incoming webhook data in Tape doesn’t necessitate the creation of a new record. This means that the webhook waiting for the short URL can simply update the original record. To achieve this, we include a unique record ID with the original data sent to Make. Make includes this ID when it returns the short URL to Tape, instructing Tape which record in our UTM Tracker to update.

QR Codes for Easy Access

Within our Tape system, we already have a QR Code generation app. Tape generously provided a template which can be found here, so creating a QR Code is as simple as a button click. We create a new QR code record in that app using the shortened URL and link it to our UTM Tracker record.

Benefits for Marketing Professionals

Effectively managing marketing URLs is no small feat, and that’s precisely where this Tape-powered solution excels. Here’s how it can revolutionise your marketing efforts:

  1. Time Efficiency: With our streamlined process, you can build, track, and shorten URLs with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual work.
  2. Consistency is Key: Keeping links consistent across campaigns is crucial for accurate analytics. Our system ensures every URL follows the same format, eliminating inconsistencies.
  3. Enhanced Tracking: Easily monitor the performance of each URL, understanding which sources and campaigns are driving traffic, enabling data-driven decision-making
  4. Branded Short Links: Establish your brand identity even in URLs. Rebrandly ensures your links not only look professional but also instil trust in your audience.
  5. Seamless Integration: The integration with acts as a bridge, making the process smooth and hassle-free. It minimises the need for complex coding while maximizing efficiency.

Potential Use Cases

Our Tape-powered UTM URL builder and tracker have a wide range of applications, making it invaluable for various marketing scenarios:

  1. Multi-Channel Campaigns: Whether you’re running email marketing, social media, or PPC campaigns, our system provides a unified approach to tracking and managing URLs.
  2. Product Launches: When introducing new products or services, it’s crucial to monitor the performance of different marketing channels. Our system helps you do just that.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: For businesses engaged in affiliate marketing, accurate tracking is essential. Our solution ensures you can attribute conversions accurately.
  4. Event Promotion: Whether it’s a webinar, conference, or product launch event, our system helps in creating and tracking URLs specific to each event.
  5. Geo-Specific Campaigns: Tailor your campaigns to different regions, and easily track the effectiveness of each one, all from a single platform.


In a fast-paced digital landscape, efficient URL management is the linchpin of successful marketing campaigns. This is just one example of how by using Tape you can streamline processes, save time with automations, and ensure consistency and accuracy. In addition, the advantages of having one system like Tape within which to build many of your business management tools enhances productivity with user familiarity, the ability to find information quickly and also finding related information via links and search.

Our Tape-powered solution not only streamlines the process but also adds a layer of sophistication with branded short links and QR codes. By automating tedious tasks, it frees up time for more strategic initiatives: especially important in a small to medium-sized business in the modern world.

Take the leap towards a more efficient marketing workflow, and contact us today to discuss this system or how Tape and Melotte Consulting can help solve other real-world business problems!

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