Melotte Consulting Pricing

Last Edited: May 19, 2024

The pricing structure at Melotte Consulting. Our sliding hourly rates reward your commitment, with options for pre-booked hours and ad-hoc services. Learn about minimums, expenses, and project pricing. Find the best pricing option for your business needs.

Standard Hourly Rates

At Melotte Consulting, our pricing is based on a sliding hourly scale that rewards your commitment to our services. The more hours you book and pay for, the lower the hourly rate. Our standard rates apply across all of our services and are as follows:

  • Statndard hourly rate: £90/hr
  • Pre-booked over 14 hours: £70/hr


  • Remote Time: Time will be rounded up in 15-minute increments.
  • Site Visits: Minimum charge of 2 hours, then increments of 30 minutes.
  • Travel Time: Travel time will be charged at 50% of the hourly rate. For example, a 1-hour journey will be charged at 30 minutes.


  • Overnight Stays: Any travel time over two hours may require an overnight stay, which will be charged at cost.
  • Travel Expenses: We charge travel expenses at cost, which includes the ticket price or £0.45 per mile for mileage.


Project pricing is available for certain projects, and we can offer project pricing for specific stages of a project. Please contact us to discuss your project requirements and explore the pricing options available.